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Postgraduate Studies in Athens School of Dentistry

The Dental School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (DSNKUA) has a structured Postgraduate Studies Program (PSP) since 1994, when it was officially founded with the B7/83 ministerial act, which was posted in the Journal of the Government (JoG, No 260, 12th April 1994).
Since 1994 there have been five extra ministerial decrees of the original act. These decrees were B7/476 (JoG No 989, 12th September 1998), 107060/B7 along with 92449/B7 (JoG, No 1506, 3rd December 2002), 28105/B7 (JoG, No 355, 18 March 2005), 53990/B7 (JoG No 772, 28th June 2006) and 99832/Β7 (JoG 1843, 7th July 2014), according to Law 3685/2008.
It is the aim of the Dental School PSP to produce graduates, in all specialty areas of dentistry, able to contribute to the development of the dental science, to address contemporary developments and to advance the scientific process, as well as, to provide high level specialised clinical care.
Furthermore, it is expected that these graduates will be involved in the education system. Not only by serving in the education of the predoctoral and postdoctoral dental students, but also in the education of their colleagues by contributing to continuing education functions, as well as, in the awareness of the public in oral health issues.

The PSP grants a Master’s Degree (MS) in one of the following fourteen (14) fields:

  1. Community Dentistry
  2. Oral Biology
  3. Dental Biomaterials
  4. Orthodontics
  5. Paediatric Dentistry
  6. Operative Dentistry
  7. Periodontology
  8. Endodontics
  9. Prosthodontics
  10. Orofacial Pain Management Clinic
  11. Oral Medicine and Pathology
  12. Oral Diagnosis and Radiology 
  13. Dentoalveolar Surgery
  14. Hospital Dentistry

 The first three (3) specialties belong to the greater scientific area of Dentistry and their primary goal is to offer the knowledge foundation and to establish a solid scientific background, adequate to promote dental research in a specific field. The rest eleven (11) specialties have as their main goal the development of clinical skills, based on a solid knowledge background, and the establishment of continuing education and prevention as important prerequisites.

The PSP grants a Master’s Degree (MS) to the students who successfully complete a PPS in one of the above fourteen (14) fields.