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Periodontology II (9th Semester)


The aim of the curriculum is the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, as well as the treatment of any type of lesions of the periodontal tissues providing in each case the appropriate therapy, based on biologic principles that aim in the re-establishment of periodontal health and its long-term maintenance.

Learning outcomes

Upon course completion, the student should be able to:

  • Provide for each patient the appropriate periodontal treatment within the framework of the comprehensive care of the dental patient,
  • Decide on the initial, alternative and final treatment plan for the management of the periodontal and dental  problems of the patient,
  • Decide on the time schedule of the therapeutic procedures and
  • Maintain the outcome of the periodontal treatment.

The course belongs to a group of courses, where the learning outcomes are achieved in total upon the completion of all the courses of the specific group.


Diagnosis of the periodontal diseases and conditions. Evaluation of the prognosis of the teeth. Evaluation of the teeth as prosthetic abutments. Treatment plan in complex patient cases requiring comprehensive care. Phase I periodontal treatment (or non-surgical periodontal treatment). Adverse events during endodontic treatment that affect the periodontal tissues. Restoration of the endodontically treated teeth. Surgical crown lengthening (when and how?). Management of the dental fractures. Selection of technique and material.  The importance of the periodontal maintenance for the periodontal patient. Discussion on clinical cases.


  • Seminars.
  • Clinical practice.


  • Attendance of the treatment planning seminars in TPCC.
  • Successful completion of the clinical requirements.
  • Successful final examination.