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Fixed Prosthodontics ΙΙ (9th and 10th semester)


The aim of the program is to educate the students how to maintain good oral health, function and esthetics of the stomatognathic system by using restorations on natural teeth and restoring loss of soft and hard tissues by artificial substitutes.


Seminars (9th semester)

Treatment plan-treatment positions; Dental preparations; Provisional restorations; Reconstruction of endodontic treated teeth; Metal framework for metal-ceramic restorations; Final control for metal-ceramic restorations ;Final cementation – selection of cement; Introduction in dental Aesthetics-Color selection; Dental ceramic and optical behavior; Clinical steps for wholeceramic restorations.

Clinical exercise

Clinical examination and treatment planning construction; Therapeutic treatment of patients with medium to severe prosthetic needs (cooperation with Removable Prosthodontics clinic within the Comprehensive Care Clinic)

Educational methods

  • Treatment planning seminars in TPCC.
  • Clinical practice in TPCC.

Successful completion

  • Attendance of the treatment planning seminars in TPCC.
  • Successful completion of the clinical requirements.
  • Successful final examination.