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Dental Informatics


The course of Dental Informatics aims to develop the utilization of computers in Dentistry, to motivate students to deepen their knowledge and to devote more time on this subject and to enhance, theoretically and practically, the teaching of other subjects and disciplines in the School.


Lab operation briefing; Networks and Internet to the service of Dentist and Dental Office; Data and information in Dentistry; The nature of dental information; Informatics in Dental Research; Applications of Information Technology to Dentistry; Dental image and electronic processing; Computer-based presentations; Moving image – Copying and processing for Dentistry; Programs for Dental Office Management; Expert systems in dentistry (applications, particularities, utility, trends); Necessary documents in the Dental Office (design and production through computers); Computer sound; Multimedia applications for dentistry (ideas, applications, programs); The future of Dental Informatics.

Educational methods

  • Seminars.
  • Laboratory exercise.

Criteria for successful completion

  • Attendance of 90% of seminars.
  • Timely handing of all personal exercises.
  • Timely handing of group exercises.