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Removable Prosthodontics II (7th semester)


At the end of the 8th semester the students should be able to construct a pair of complete dentures or an RPD.

Learning outcomes

  • At the end of the 8th semester the student should be able :
  • To evaluate findings from clinical examination of full/partial edentulous patients and to create a treatment plan.
  • To identify the most appropriate for each case treatment plan for partial edentulous patients with an RPD
  • To perform the necessary clinical stages and supervise/ evaluate the lab stages for constructing complete and RPDs.
  • To diagnose and take care of any anticipated problems after the delivery of complete and RPDs.


Clinical stages of complete and partial denture construction; Clinical examination; mouth preparation; making impressions; Jaw registration procedures; teeth set-up; Try-in procedures; Processing; Delivery of complete dentures; Pitfalls and post insertion problems. Simple repairs, relining, and rebasing of complete dentures.

Educational methods

  • Seminars.
  • Treatment planning seminars in TPCC.
  • Clinical practice in TPCC.

Criteria for successful completion

  • Attendance of the treatment planning seminars in TPCC.
  • Successful completion of the clinical requirements.
  • Successful final examination