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Clinical practice in 6th semester


The familiarization of the students for the operation of the clinics and the development of introductory competences for patients’ management and for implementation of simple clinical procedures.

Learning outcomes

  • Control the operation field and infection, to manage the patients and to apply four-hand dentistry.
  • Diagnose and record the carious lesions,
  • Evaluate the existed restorations and the aesthetic problems.
  • Assess the individual caries risk.
  • Create treatment plan for the management of the carious affected teeth.
  • Create protocols for prevention and arresting of carious disease.
  • Apply pit/fissure sealants, preventive resin composite restorations, Class I resin composite and amalgam restorations.
  • Diagnose the basic clinical parameters that characterize the pathologic periodontium, such as bleeding in probing (inflammation), the widening of the pockets and the loss of clinical attachment and recession.
  • Recognize and integrate the clinical, radiographic and laboratory findings of the periodontal patient in order to make a correct diagnosis
  • Complement and analyze the medical and dental history of the periodontal patient, identify existing periodontal lesions as well as potential synergistic factors.
  • Record the periodontal history
  • Evaluates the possible involvement of the general agent in the etiology of periodontal disease
  • Teaches and educates the patient in modern oral hygiene methods.
  • Scaling and polishing of teeth

Educational methods

  • Seminars and clinical exercise

Criteria for successful completion

  • Attendance (at least 80%) of seminars and clinical exercises (no grading)