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Removable Prosthodontics I (51261a)


Acquiring the necessary knowledge to enable students attending their 5th & 6th semester laboratory courses to undertake the construction of complete and partial dentures during their clinical practice in subsequent semesters

Learning outcomes 

At the end of the 6th  semester, a student should be able:

  • To describe the theoretical data and particularities of the anatomy and physiology of the stomatognathic system of fully or partially edentulous patients;
  • To describe the materials and techniques for constructing total dentures;
  • To construct laboratory upper and lower complete dentures in accordance to the laboratory guidelines;
  • To describe the clinical stages of complete dentures;
  • To apply Kennedy edentulous spaces classification;
  • To describe the components of a partial denture;
  • To use the surveyor in accordance to the laboratory guidelines;
  • To design frameworks for various Kennedy partial denture classes;
  • To describe the materials and techniques for constructing partial dentures;
  • To examine and assess all laboratory stages of complete and partial dentures


A. Introduction to Removable Prosthodontics; History review; Basic elements of the anatomy of the stomatognathic system; Basic elements of the physiology of the stomatognathic system; Jaw relationships; Articulators; Denture Materials; General Principles and techniques for taking impressions; General Principles of occlusion.

B. Theoretical guidelines for the construction of complete denture; Making impressions; Recording; Occlusion; Examining dentures before Processing; Curing

C. Laboratory construction of complete dentures; Construction of custom trays; Construction of recording bases and wax rims; Transfer of jaw relationships onto the Hanau articulator; Setting up artificial teeth; Waxing up trial dentures; Try-in procedures on the articulator before processing; Selective grinding.

Educational/Training methods

  • Seminars (6th semester).
  • Laboratory practice (5th & 6th semester).

Successful Completion

  • Successful completion of laboratory practice
  • Successful final examination.