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Endodontics I (51182a)


The understanding of the physiologic and pathologic functions of the pulp and the periradicular tissues, the adequate knowledge of the principles, techniques, instruments and materials utilized during the endodontic therapy, and the ability to perform endodontic therapy on single and multi/rooted extracted teeth.

Learning outcomes

  • The students by the end of the 6th semester should be able to:
  • Understand the basic functions of the pulp-dentin complex and periapical tissues as well as the changes occurring during aging or inflammatory process.
  • Describe the normal  morphology of the root canal system and recognize the deviations in anatomy upon observation of extracted human teeth.
  • Understand the basic principles of endodontic treatment and be comfortable with the isolation of the tooth with rubber dam.
  • Select the appropriate instruments and materials used during endodontic treatment and quote their mechanical characteristics.
  • Prepare access cavities and locate all canals on human extracted teeth as described in the textbook.
  • Operate easily the appropriate instruments and materials used in the chemomechanical preparation of simulated plastic teeth and/or extracted teeth.
  • Operate easily the appropriate instruments and materials used in the  obturation of simulated plastic teeth and/or extracted teeth.
  • Quote the complications occurring during endodontic treatment and describe their aetiology and management.
  • Describe the principles and techniques for removal of obturating materials during the retreatment of failed endodontically treated teeth.
  • Describe the principles and techniques for restoration of endodontically treated teeth and prepare the space for post placement.


History of Endodontics,  Biology of dental pulp and periapical tissues, Root canal system anatomy, Armamentarium in Endodontics ,Access cavity preparation, Root canal cleaning and shaping, Root canal obturation, Coronal restoration of endodontically treated teeth, Procedural errors during endodontic therapy, Microbiologic aspects of Endodontics, Diseases of the pulp and the periapical tissues, Healing of the inflamed periapical tissues, Dental pain, Differential diagnosis in Endodontics, Case selection for endodontic therapy, Sterilization-asepsis in Endodontic treatment, Endodontic-periodontic lesions, Systemic diseases and  Endodontics, Endodontic-Orthodontic- Prosthodontic interrelationships, Root fractures, Vital pulp therapy, Endodontic therapy on traumatized teeth, Endodontic treatment of teeth with immature apices, Endodontic implants- endodontic treatment for over-denture abutments, Surgical endodontics, Single-visit endodontic therapy. Geriatric endodontics, Microleakage in Endodontics, Success and failure in Endodontics.

Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Laboratory exercises

Criteria for successful completion

  • Presence in at least 80% of Lectures
  • Successful completion of the laboratory exercises
  • Success in interim written exams
  • Success in final written examination