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Physiology of the Stomatognathic System


The purpose of the program is to provide to the student the basic knowledge on the function and the dysfunction of the stomatognathic system. Furthermore, the student has the opportunity to use and establish in TMD patients, gained knowledge, at the undergraduate student clinic of total patient care during the 8th semester.


Anatomy of the Stomatognathic system; The muscles of mastication; The Temporomandibular Joint; The Physiology of the Stomatognathic system; Muscle contraction; The mechanism of energy supply; Muscle fatigue; The function and the functional characteristics of the muscles of the Stomatognathic system, Neurophysiology of mastication; Tactile sensibility, bite force, masticatory efficiency; Dysfunction of the Stomatognathic system; History of the dysfunction of the patient; Clinical examination; Palpation of the muscles and the Temporomandibular Joint of the Stomatognathic system; Maximal opening, maximal protrusion, maximal laterotrusion; Horizontal and vertical overbite; Dental occlusion; Examination and registration of the details of the Dental occlusion; Selective grinding and occlusal equilibration of the natural and the artificial dentition; Clinical diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders;  Management of neuromuscular disorders; Clinical diagnosis of internal derangements of the temporomandibular joint; Management of internal derangement of the temporomandibular joint; Helkimo clinical dysfunction index; The management of craniomandibular disorders; The basic characteristics of the splint; The fabrication of the splint and it’s insertion in the mouth of the patient; Oral parafunction, Bruxism; The occlusion of the teeth; Articulators.

Educational methods

  • Lectures (5th and
  • 8th semester).Clinical practice

Successful completion

  • Attendance of 90% of lectures.
  • Successful completion of the clinical requirements.
  • Successful final examination.