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Operative Dentistry II (10th Semester)


The aim is to further improve the clinical skills of the students to enable them to manage and treat extended hard tissue loss and esthetic problems using conservative procedures under a comprehensive patient treatment approach.

Learning outcomes

  • Make treatment plan for conservative restorations in comprehensive cases.
  • Schedule restorations in proper sequence within comprehensive treatment plans.
  • Restore, with direct and indirect restorations, teeth with extended tissue loss (vital and endodontically treated)
  • Restore simple clinical cases with aesthetic problems
  • Make decision and restore teeth that will be covered with crowns or will be abutments for fixed partial dentures.


  • Treatment of aesthetic problems of anterior teeth using direct and indirect conservative techniques. Clinical practice
  • Core build-up restorations. Clinical practice
  • Extended restorations of teeth by direct and indirect aesthetic techniques. Clinical practice
  • Management of tooth fractures. Clinical practice

Educational methods

  • Seminars, in groups, with oral rehabilitation treatment planning cases
  • Clinical practice with patients in Total Care Patient Clinic  

Criteria for successful completion

  • Attendance of all seminars
  • Successful completion of clinical requirements and clinical evaluation (20%)
  • Successful final oral examination (80%)