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Restructuring of the Undergraduate Studies Program

The Undergraduate Program (UGP) of the School of Dentistry is under a continuous process of reformation and improvement through modifications that are proposed by the Undergraduate Program Committee (UGPC) and submitted to the General Assembly. After discussion and approval these changes are implemented in the following academic year.

The Undergraduate Program Committee and the Internal Evaluation Team (IET) of the School have set a goal of fully restructuring the UGP based on the updated abilities considered necessary for the dental graduate, through the development of the corresponding "learning outcomes".

The extraction of data for the restructuring of the UGP is made from multiple sources, most important of which are the national and European legislations on regulated professions (p.d. 38 / 2010, p.d. 51 / 2017), which also include Dentistry, and the guidelines of the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) for Graduating European Dentists (The Graduating European Dentist: A New Undergraduate Curriculum Framework. Eur J Dent Educational 21 (S1), 2017). Other sources for data gathering include external evaluation reports, feedback from students, graduates and professional bodies, and additionally incorporate scientific and technological developments in the field of dental science and education.

The updated abilities and related "learning outcomes" for the graduates of the School of Dentistry were approved by the General Assembly of the School in the December 13, 2018 meeting and form the basis for the new complete restructuring of the UGP, which is in progress.