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Removable Prosthodontics I (4th-6th semester)


The students should acquire the theoretical knowledge in order to be able to undertake the clinical construction either of complete or partial dentures.


5th semester

A. Introduction in Removable Prosthodontics


History review; Basic elements of the anatomy of the stomatognathic system; Basic elements of the physiology of the stomatognathic system; Jaw relationships; Articulators; Denture Materials; General Principles and techniques for making impressions; General Principles of occlusion; General Principles for the selection and arrangement of artificial teeth; Processing of removable prostheses; Functional stability of removable prostheses.

B. Theoretical guidelines for constructing complete dentures


Examination of Edentulous Patients – Mouth preparation; Impression making; Recording of jaw relationships; Try-in procedures; Insertion – Selective grinding – Delivery of Complete Dentures; Pitfalls – Post-insertion problems.

C. Laboratory exercises in constructing complete dentures


Construction of customized impression trays (close-fitting and spaced trays); Construction of temporary denture bases; Construction of wax record rims; Transferring the jaw relationships on a Hanau articulator; Setting up artificial teeth; Waxing up the trial denture; Try-in procedures on the articulator; Selective grinding.

6th semester


A. Theoretical guidelines for constructing partial dentures

Introduction –indications for providing partial dentures; Kennedy classification; Clinical Examination of a partially dentate patient – Treatment Plan; Cast Analysis on surveyor; Selection of Major Connector; Selection of Retainers; Impression making; Principles for a metal frame work design; Checking the metal frame work; Recording the jaw relationships; Try- in Procedures; Insertion – Selective grinding – Delivery of Partial Dentures; Pitfalls – Post-insertion problems.

B. Laboratory exercises in construdenturescting partial

Recognizing a partial edentulousness on study casts; Surveying; Cast Analysis on surveyor; Selection of Major Connector; Selection of Retainers; Metal frame work design; Checking a metal frame work; Temporary denture bases and occlusal rims for recording preliminary jaw relationships .


  • Seminars (6th semester).
  • Laboratory exercise (4th and 5th semester).
  • Clinical demonstration of complete denture construction in students’ groups.


  • Successful completion of the laboratory exercises.
  • Successful final examination.