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Paediatric Dentistry I (7th semester)


The aim of the 7th semester is for the student to:

  • know the basic theoretical knowledge of paediatric dentistry
  • to apply the preventive and therapeutic techniques used in Paediatric Dentistry in the laboratory under clinical simulation.


The child’s normal growth and development; Tooth development, tooth eruption and prevention of orthodontic anomalies; The child’s behavior in the dental clinic. Control of pain, fear and stress during dental treatment; Examination – Diagnosis - Treatment planning; Aetiology and treatment of hard dental tissue diseases as well as periodontal diseases in deciduous and mixed dentition; Management of caries in deciduous, mixed and permanent dentition in children and adolescents ( prevention, monitor of caries, restorations, stainless steel crowns, extractions); Prevention and therapy of pulp pathology in deciduous and permanent teeth in children and adolescents; Dental considerations in the prevention and care of patients with special needs (handicapped and with chronic medical diseases); Four handed dentistry, organization and management of the paediatric dental office.


  • Lectures.
  • Laboratory exercise with seminars.


  • Two successful interim exams.
  • Three successful laboratory exams.
  • Successful final examination.