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Endodontics II (6th & 7th semester)


Knowledge and skills to prevent, diagnose and treat any kind of pulpal disease or pulp-induced periapical pathosis. Ability to differentiate pain of dental origin and treat pain of endodontic origin. Dexterity in performing endodontic therapy in uncomplicated cases, such as initial endodontic treatment in single and multi-rooted teeth with simple anatomy, as well as to retreat single rooted teeth with failed endodontic therapy.


Armamentarium in Endodontics; Case selection in Endodontics; Root canal morphology (clinical and radiographic interpretation); Estimation of working length; Chemo-mechanical preparation techniques of the root canal; Root canal obturation methods; Complications during preparation and obturation of the root canal; Retreatment of endodontic failures; Treatment of endodontic emergencies in Endodontics; Microbial flora and disinfection of the root canal; Pulpal and periapical inflammation; Restoration of endodontically treated teeth; Endo-periodontic problems; Management of tooth resorption; Endodontic treatment of teeth with immature apex; Crown and root fractures; Avulsion of teeth; Treatment of periapical lesions; Systemic administration of drugs - Drug prescription; Modern technologies in Endodontics; Necessity of endodontic surgical treatment; General Discussion.


  • Seminars.
  • Treatment planning seminars in TPCC.
  • Clinical practice.


  • Attendance of 80% of the seminars.
  • Attendance of the treatment planning seminars in TPCC.
  • Successful completion of the clinical requirements.