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Oral Diagnosis and Radiology

The aim of this postgraduate program is to provide intensive and  advanced training in the field of Oral Diagnosis and Maxillofacial Radiology.

After the program completion, the postgraduate student should:

  • be able to diagnose the pathological lesions of the jaws and the maxillofacial region, the oral cavity, the salivary glands, the maxillary sinus and the temporomandibular joint.
  • be able to select the proper laboratory tests and radiographic examinations based on the history and clinical findings.
  • be able to perform all the intraoral and extraoral radiographic techniques
  • be familiar with and perform alternative and specialized imaging modalities, such as digital radiography and Cone Beam CT
  • be familiar with other medical imaging modalities , such as MRI and ultrasound
  • follow a systematic approach to describing clinical, radiographic and other imaging features in order to formulate differential diagnosis, definitive diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • be aware of the principles and regulations on radiation protection in the dental facility and take proper precautions.
  • be able to implement a well-designed radiological Quality Assurance program in the dental facility.
  • be able to evaluate and carry out scientific work.
  • be familiar with the basic principles of Forensic Dentistry

All the below mentioned courses are mandatory.

1st GM 3 Molecular Biology 2
1st GM 6 Basic Oral Medicine 2
1st GM 9 Imaging Techniques in Dentistry 2
1st STOM 3 General Principles in Pathology 2
1st DIAK 3 Seminar in Oral Diagnosis 2
1st DIAK 4 Seminar in Radiographic Techniques 2
1st DIAK 5 Clinical training I in Oral Diagnosis and Radiology 18
    Total ECTS 1st Semester 30
2nd GM 7 Clinical Pharmacology in Dentistry 2
2nd GM 8 Anatomy of the Head and Neck 2
2nd STOM2 Advanced Oral Medicine and Pathology 2
2nd DIAK 2 Radiographic Differential Diagnosis 2
2nd DIAK 6 Radiation Physics 2
2nd DIAK 7 Literature Review Seminar I 5
2nd DIAK 8 Case presentation I 5
2nd DIAK 9 Clinical training II in Oral Diagnosis and Radiology 6
2nd DIAK 10 Research and writing of the master’s thesis in the discipline of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology 4
    Total ECTS 2nd Semester 30
3rd GM 1 Basic Research Principles 2
3rd GM 4 Oral Biology I 2
3rd OFH 2 Basic Principles of Oral Surgery 2
3rd STOM 1 Internal Medicine and Oral Medicine 2
3rd DIAK 11 Radiobiology – Radiation protection 2
3rd DIAK 12 Digital imaging techniques 2
3rd DIAK 13 Clinical training III in Oral Diagnosis and Radiology 9
3rd DIAK 1 Specialized Imaging Techniques  I 3
3rd DIAK 14 Research and writing of the master’s thesis in the discipline of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology 6
    Total ECTS 3rd Semester 30
4th GM 2 Biostatistics 2
4th DIAK 15 Clinical training IV in Oral Diagnosis and Radiology 9
4th DIAK 16 Seminar in Radiographic Diagnosis I 4
4th DIAK 17 Specialized Imaging Techniques II 3
4th DIAK 18 Forensic Odontology 2
4th DIAK 19 Research and writing of the master’s thesis in the field of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology 10
    Total ECTS 4th Semester 30
5th DIAK 20 Literature Review Seminar II 5
5th DIAK 21 Case presentation II 5
5th DIAK 22 Clinical training V in Oral Diagnosis and Radiology 20
    Total ECTS 5th Semester 30
6th DIAK 23 Seminar in Radiographic Diagnosis II 4
6th DIAK 24 Literature Review Seminar III 5
6th DIAK 25 Cases presentation III 5
6th DIAK 26 Clinical training VI in Oral Diagnosis and Radiology 16
    Total ECTS 6th Semester 30
    General Total ECTS 180