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Administrative Structure

The highest administrative body of PSP is the Special General Assembly (SGA) as it is ordered by article 2, paragraph.β of Law 3685/2008.
The Special General Assembly (SGA) comprises of the Dean of the Dental School, representatives of the academic faculty and one postgraduate student. The SGA is called for by the current Dean of the School. The Director of the Postgraduate program attends the SGA, without voting rights, but puts forward proposals concerning the PSP.
The Director of Postgraduate Studies (Professor or Associate Professor) is elected from the SGA every two years (Law 3685/ 2008, article 2, paragraph δ).
The Director of Postgraduate Studies is assisted by the Postgraduate Committee (PC), which comprises of members of the dental faculty who have undertaken postgraduate responsibilities or supervision of doctoral theses, nominated by the SGA and are responsible for monitoring and operational coordinating of the PSP(Law 3685/2008, article 2, paragraph γ).

The PC discusses every issue concerning the coordination of the PSP and proposes to the SGA for approval.
The supervisors of all PPS are the directors of Laboratories and Clinics relative with the subject of each PPS, except when the Director nominates a different supervisor (must be of the rank of Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor). In case that such a Laboratory or Clinic does not exist a faculty member is selected from the above first two ranks of the most relative field.
Furthermore, a substitute is selected for each supervisor with the right to participate and vote in absence of this supervisor. These supervisor substitutes must belong to the rank of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and serving lecturers, with an active interest and participation in postgraduate education and must be qualified for the position.

Responsibilities of Faculty Members

Director of Postgraduate Studies

  • He is responsible for observing the PSP bylaws in every PPS.
  • He intervenes and offers solutions together with the PPS coordinator -and with assistance from the PPS registrar’s office -in all administrative issues relative to all PSP programs.
  • He assembles the PC, introduces the topics for discussion and presides in it.
  • Makes recommendations to the SGA for approval.  

Coordinator of PPS of each specialty

  • He is responsible for the compliance with the rules of his specialty.
  • He participates in PC with the right to vote.
  • He assigns in cooperation with Postgraduate Students (PS) their supervisors.
  • He is responsible for all postgraduate students of its PPS. He monitors their development, consults with their supervisors.
  • He participates in PC, introduces issues of his program and votes for topics that go to the SGA for approval.

Coordinator of the PhD

  • He is responsible for observing the bylaws regarding the writing of  a doctoral thesis.
  • He participates to the selection committee of the thesis applicants.
  • He is a member of the PC with a right to participate and vote at every meeting.
  • He is a member of the PC with voting rights, in every discussion.
  • He cooperates with the Director of Postgraduate Studies as well as with the doctoral thesis supervisors for evaluation of the doctoral candidates progress.
  • He introduces to PC issues that relate to the function of doctoral thesis as well as the doctoral candidates.