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Stefaniotis Theodoros

Assistant Professor

Phone:(+30) 210-746-1281
Email: tstefan[at]dent.uoa[dot]gr

Mailing Address:

2 Thivon Str, 115 27, Goudi, Athens, Greece

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Education / Qualifications

  • 1974: Diploma in Statistics
  • 1981: Degree in Dentistry
  • 1992: Doctoral Degree

 Academic and professional positions held

  • 1998 – 2000: Special Lecturer Assistant
  • 2005: Lecturer
  • 2012: Assistant Professor

Research Grants and Contracts

  • Research grants: Kapodistrias 2005: Clinical and Laboratory Evaluation of Oral Malodor

Awards and Honors

  • First Award: Gas chromatography used for diagnosis of oral malodor
    D. Mpantekas, T Stefaniotis, G Polyzois, K Tsiklakis, 2005 (Poster)
  • First Award: Oral health status and oral needs before the initiation of head and neck radiotherapy in cancer patients, K Maridaki, C Donta, V Karathanasi, T Stefaniotis, K Tsiklakis, Forum of Clinical Oncology 8(3-4): 106-112, 2009


  • Hellenic Society of Oral Pathology
  • Hellenic Society of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology
  • Founding  Member of  the European Academy of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology (EADMFR)
  • Stomatological Society of Greece

Research Theses

  • 1992: Determination of factors relating to changes of taste (Thesis)

Selected Publications in scientific journals

  • K.I. Tosios, Th.D. Stefaniotis, Z Athanasa, St.I. Papanicolaou: Smoking habits among undergraduate students of the Dental School of the University of Athens, Hellenic Stomatological Review, 45: 21-26, 2001
  • C. Donta-Bakoyanni, K. Nikopoulou-Karayianni, Th. Stefaniotis, A. Patrikiou: Pathological changes related to long-term impaction of third molars, Stomatologia 58(1): 69-76, 2001
  • O. Nikolatou Galitis, A. Velegraki, S. Paikos, P. Economopoulou, T. Stefaniotis, IS. Papanikolaou, T. Kordossis: Effect of PI-Haart on the prevalence of oral lesions in HIV-1 infected patients. A Greek study, Oral Diseases 10(3): 145-150, 2004
  • N. Makris, K. Tsiklakis, K E Alexiou, AM. Vierrou, Th. Stefaniotis, The subjective image quality of conventional and digital panoramic radiography among 6 to 10 year old children, J Clin Pediatr Dent 31(2): 109-112, 2006
  • Koletsi-Kounari H, Mandonanaki M, Stefaniotis T, Private dental health expenditure in Greece by region and income: comparison between the years 1987 and 1998, Community Dent Health 24(4):213-6, 2007
  • N. Patsogiannis, E. Papadakis, S. Damaskos, T. Stefaniotis: Prognosis of the lower third molar impaction of Greek young patients population studying panoramic radiographs taken at 13.5 and at 18 years of age: Odontostomatological Progress 61(2): 284-293, 2007
  • K. Maridaki, C Donta, V Karathanasi, T Stefaniotis, K Tsiklakis: Oral health status and oral needs before the initiation of head and neck radiotherapy in cancer patients, Forum of Clinical Oncology, 8(3-4): 106-112, 2009
  • C. Donta, E. Papadakis, T. Stefaniotis, K. Tsiklakis: Examination of the accidental radiographic  findings using dental cone beam CT, Hellenic Stomatological Review 54: 201-206, 2010
  • G. Polyzois, T. Stefaniotis, J. Papaparaskevas, C. Donta: Antimicrobial efficacy of denture adhesives on some oral malodor-related microbes: Odontology, published online, November 2011

 Areas of Scientific Interest

  • Medical History (Diseases and Drugs)
  • Allergic Diseases
  • Taste
  • Oral Malodor
  • Medical Statistics

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