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Catherine Donta

Associate Professor

Phone: (+30) 210-746-1282
Email: edonta[at]dent.uoa[dot]gr

Mailing Address:
2 Thivon Str, 115 27, Goudi, Athens, Greece

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Education / Qualifications 

  • 1980: National Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), Degree in Dentistry
  • 1987: School of Dentistry, NKUA, Doctoral Degree

Academic and professional positions held

  • 1988: Lecturer in Clinic of Oral Diagnosis, School of Dentistry, NKUA
  • 1993: Assistant Professor in Clinic of Oral Diagnosis, School of Dentistry, NKUA
  • 2014-present: Associate Professor in Clinic of Oral Diagnosis & Radiology, School of Dentistry, NKUA

Research Grants and Contracts

  • Comparison of a second with a first generation digital subtraction radiography system in the detection of subtle alveolar bone changes: An in vitro study, (Research grant: Kapodistrias, NKUA, 2001)
  • Radiation absorbed doses at compact bone-titanium interfaces in diagnostic radiography: a Monte Carlo approach (Research grant: Kapodistrias, NKUA, 2003)
  • The role of intercellular communication and DNA double strand breaks in the induction of bystander effects (Contract: EU, 2003-2006)
  • Analysis of genotoxic resistance mechanisms of cancer stem cells: applications in prognosis, diagnosis & treatment’, (Contract: MIS: 377177, co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund – ESF) and Greek national funds through the Operational Program "Education and Lifelong Learning" of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) - Research Funding Program: THALIS –UOA, 2012-2015)
  • Immunohistochemical  expression of TNF-a and IL-6 increase and IL-1b decrease in central giant cell granuloma of jaws (Research grant: Kapodistrias, NKUA, 2007)
  • Study of oral health status and dental needs in oncology patients (Research grant: Kapodistrias, NKUA, 2008)
  • Dosimetry and effective dose estimation during digital panoramic radiography (Research grant: Kapodistrias, NKUA, 2008)
  • Safety and Efficacy of a New and Emerging Dental-xray Modality (Contract: EU, 2008-2011)
  • Biological estimation of CBCT safe use (Research grant: Kapodistrias, NKUA, 2010)

Awards and Honours

  • 1st award for Oral presentation, in 3rd Students Dental Congress, 1993 “radiographic investigation of odontogenic cysts of jaws” G. Karoussis, G. Vilos, C. Donta, E. Stefanou
  • 1st award for Poster presentation, in 11th Students Dental Congress, 2006 “prevalence of recurrent aphthous ulcers in students of Dental School University of Athens” M. Lalousi, M. Kalogiannaki, C. Donta, A. Sklavounou
  • 1st award for Scientific Publication in  Hellenic Dental J, 1999 “Radiation absorbed dose from linear tomography and CT Scan of the maxillofacial Complex” E. Stefanou, C. Donta-Bakoyanni, C. Hourdakis, E. Karinou
  • 1st award for Scientific Publication in  Hellenic Dental J, 2001 “Study of recurrent aphthous ulcers in a Greek population of children and adolescents» Α. Sklavounou, A.G. Mitsea, C. Donta – Bakoyianni
  • 1st award for Scientific Publication in  Forum of Clinical Oncology, 2009 “Study of oral health status and dental needs in oncology patients” C. Maridaki, C. Donta, V. Karathanasi, C. Tsiklakis, Th. Stefaniotis


  • International Association for Dentomaxilofacial Radiology
  • European Association for Dentomaxilofacial Radiology
  • Hellenic Stomatologiki Eteria
  • Hellenic Association in Radiation Protection
  • Hellenic Association in Oral Pathology

Research Theses

  • Absorbed radiation dose in anatomical regions of  dentomaxilofacial complex during periapical and panoramic radiography. Thermoluminescent method (Doctoral degree Thesis, 1987)
  • Radiation risk assessment in diagnostic radiology by means of biological methodologies Laboratory and clinical evaluation of acid-modifies resin composites (Research monography, 2012)

Selected publications in scientific journals

  • The effect of nano-hydroxyapatite/chitosan scaffolds on rat calvarial defects for bone Regeneration. Chatzipetros E., Damaskos S., Tosios K.I., Christopoulos P., Donta C, Kalogirou E.M., Yfanti Z., Tsiourvas D., Papavasiliou A. and Tsiklakis K. Int Journal of Implant Dentistry, 2021, 7:40, https://doi.org/10.1186/s40729-021-00327-w
  • Extraoral surgical removal of an ectopic impacted third molar of the mandible. Report of a case. Goutzanis L, Chatzichalepli C, Avgoustidis D, Papadopoulos P, Donta C.J Clin Exp Dent. 2020 Jun 1;12(6):e615-e619. doi: 10.4317/jced.56602.
  • Imaging of nano-hydroxyapatite/chitosan scaffolds using a cone beam computed tomography device on rat calvarial defects with histological verification. Chatzipetros E, Yfanti Z, Christopoulos P, Donta C, Damaskos S, Tsiambas E, Tsiourvas D, Kalogirou EM, Tosios KI, Tsiklakis K.
    Clin Oral Investig. 2019 May 18. doi: 10.1007/s00784-019-02939-4.
  • Application of nano-hydroxyapatite/chitosan scaffolds on rat calvarial critical-sized defects: A pilot study. Chatzipetros E1, Christopoulos P, Donta C, Tosios KI, Tsiambas E, Tsiourvas D, Kalogirou EM, Tsiklakis K.Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2018 Sep 1;23(5):e625-e632. doi: 10.4317/medoral.22455.
  • The role of tongue coating in oral malodor in greek patients. Z. Yfanti, M. Nikitakos, Th. Stefaniotis, C. Donta, K. Tsiklakis. European Journal of Dental Science 2015, 2:5-12.
  • Estimating cancer risk from dental cone-beam CT exposures based on skin dosimetry. Pauwels R, Cockmartin L, Ivanauskaité D, Urbonienė A, Gavala S, Donta C, Tsiklakis K, Jacobs R, Bosmans H, Bogaerts R, Horner K. SEDENTEXCT Project Consortium. Phys Med Biol. 2014 Jul 21;59(14):3877-91.
  • Antimicrobial efficacy of denture adhesives on some oral malodor-related microbes. G. Polyzois, T. Stefaniotis, J. Papaparaskevas, C. Donta. the Society of the Nippon Dental University Odontology. 2013; 101(1):103-107
  • Ιncreased TNF-α, IL-6 and decreased IL-1β immunohistochemical expression by the stromal spindle-shaped cells in the central giant cell granuloma of the jaws. P. Papanicolaou, E. Chrysomali, E. Stylogianni, C. Donta, D. Vlachodimitropoulos. Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 17: 56-62, 2012.
  • Generalized pulp stones: report of a case with 6-year follow-up. C. Donta, K. Kavvadia, P. Panopoulos & S. Douzgou. International Endodontic Journal 44: 976-982, 2011.
  • Chromatin dynamics during cell cycle mediate conversion of DNA damage into chromatid breaks and affect formation of chromosomal aberrations: Biological and clinical significance. Terzoudi G.I., Hatzi V.I., Donta-Bakoyianni C., Pantelias G.E. Mutat Res 2011 Jun 3;711(1-2):174-86.
  • Investigation of bystander effects in hybrid cells by means of cell fusion and premature chromosome condensation induction. Terzoudi GI, Donta-Bakoyianni C, Iliakis G, Pantelias GE. Radiat Res. 2010;173(6):789-801.
  • Radiation dose reduction in direct digital panoramic radiography. S. Gavala, C. Donta, K. Tsiklakis, A. Boziari, V. Kamenopoulou, H.C. Stamataki. Eur. J. of Radiology 71:42-48, 2009.
  • Hyalinosis cutis et mucosae: Diagnosis based on oral manifestations – Report of a case. Xanthinaki, C. Donta, V. Gatou, K. Tsiklakis. Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry, 33(2), pp. 171-174, 2008.
  • Τhe influence of the x-ray spectrum at compact bone-titanium interfaces in digital dental radiography. K. Nicopoulou-Karayianni, T.Koligliatis, C.Donta-Bakogianni, A.Karayiannis Dentomaxillofacial Radiology 2006;35:1-8.
  • Dose reduction in maxillofacial imaging using low dose Cone Beam CT. Κ. Tsiklakis, C. Donta, S. Gavala, K. Nicopoulou-Karayianni, V. Kamenopoulou, C. Hourdakis European Journal of Radiology 2005;56:413-417
  • Presence of human herpes virus-8 in saliva and non-lesional oral mucosa in HIV-infected and oncologic immunocompromised patients. D. Triantos, e. Horefti, E. Paximadi, Z. Kyriakopoulou, G. Karakassiliotis, C. Donta-Βakoyianni, A. Rapidis, P. Marcoulatos Oral microbial. Immunol. 19: 201-204, 2004.
  • Radiation absorbed doses at compact bone-titanium interfaces in diagnostic radiography: A Monte Carlo approach. K.Nicopoulou-Karayianni, T. Koligliatis, C. Donta-Bakogianni, A. Karayiannis, J. Litsas Dentomaxillofacial Radiology 2003;32:327-332.
  • Stevens - Jhonson syndrome: a case presentation Donta – Βakoyianni, A.G. Mitsea, Κ. Τheodoropoulou J. Clin. Pediatr. Dent 27(1): 71-76, 2002.
  • Oral Health Status in Greek children and teenagers with disabilities Mitsea, A. Karidis, C. Donta - Bakoyianni, N.D. Spyropoulos J. Clin Pediatr Dent 26(1): 111-118, 2001
  • The lateral periodontal cyst: aetiology, clilincal significance and diagnosis. N.P. Kerezoudis, C. Donta-Bakoyianni, G. Siskos Endod Dent Traumatol 16: 144-150, 2000.
  • Absorbed radiation dose during lateral cephalometric radiography: Comparison of screen-film systems and field-size combinations K. Tsiklakis, C. Donta-Bakoyianni, M. Tassopoulou, V. Kamenopoulou J Clin Pediatr Dent 24: 117-121, 2000.
  • Increased G2 chromosomal radiosensitivity in cancer patients: the role of cdk 1/cyclin-B activity level in the mechanisms involved G.I. Terzoudi, T. Jung, J. Hain, K. Vrouvas, K. Margaritis, C. Donta-Bakoyanni et al. Int J Radiat Biol 76: 607-615, 2000.

Areas of scientific interest

  • Radiation Dosimetry in Diagnostic Radiology
  • Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation
  • Biological Dosimetry of Ionizing Radiation

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