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Maria Antoniadou

Assistant Professor

Phone: (+30) 210-746-1338

Mailing Address:
2 Thivon Str, 115 27, Goudi, Athens, Greece

Ελληνική Έκδοση English Version

Education / Qualifications

  • 1997: Master of Science in Dental Biomaterials (M.Sc.) and Clinical Specialization in Restorative Dentistry, Department of Restorative Dentistry, Dental School, National and Kapodistrian University
  • 2001-2002: Master degree in Medical Interpretation and Translation (M.Sc.) (Greek/English)
  • 2007-2009: Specialty programme in “Quality Control”. E-learning programme, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. 
  • 2010: Specialty programme in “Clinical Psychology and Advisory Psychology”. E-learning programme, Department of Psychology And Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens 
  • 2012: Specialty programme in “Teaching in Nursing and other relevant medical sciences” E-learning programme, Department of Nursing, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
  • 2013: Specialty programme in “Clinical Psychology” E-learning programme, Department of Psychiatry for Children, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Academic and professional positions held

  • 1997-1998: Research and Clinical Associate, Department of Dental Materials and Prosthodontics, Department of Prosthodontics, Albert-Ludwig’s University, Hugstetter Str.55, Freiburg, Germany
  • 1999-2009: Instructor: Clinical assistant Clinic (4 hours per week) & Laboratory (8 hours per week), (10 hours per week), Clinic of Evidence-Based Treatment (5th year students), Dental School of Athens, Department of Restorative Dentistry
  • 2009-2016: Lecturer, Department of Operative Dentistry (clinics and laboratories, seminars in undergraduate and postgraduate programme), Dental School of Athens, Greece
  • 2016- : Assistant Professor, Department of Operative Dentistry, Dental School of Athens, Greece.

Other educational & professional responsibilities

  • 1994: Voluntary dental services in the Association “Medecins sans Frontieres”
  • 2004: Voluntary dental services in the Olympic Village, during the Olympic and Parolympic games of Athens, Greece.
  • 2014: Voluntary dental services with the Association “Kedas”, Tanzania

Research Grants and Contracts

  • Research Grant “Phythagoras II” (2003-2006)
  • Research Grant “Kapodistrias” (2010-2013)

Awards and Honours

  • 2010 AODES congress Istanbul, Turkey. 1st prize on poster presentation: “Clinical evaluation of OTCs bleaching products”


  • Academy of Operative Dentistry

Research Theses - Books

  • Esthetics of the smile. Antoniadou M. Thesis for MSc Degree. Athens, 1998
  • In vitro characterization of resin based sealants. Antoniadou M. Thesis for PhD Degree. Athens, 2006.
  • Esthetics of the smile. Antoniadou M. In:“Clinical Esthetic Dentistry” G. Douvitsas. Zita Publ., 2004; Chapter 3: 75-84 
  • The colour in esthetic restorations. Antoniadou M. In:“Clinical Esthetic Dentistry” G. Douvitsas. Zita Publ., Athens, 2004; Chapter 4: 87-111
  • Epidemiology of Dental Caries. Antoniadou M. In “Dental Caries” G. Douvitsas. OmniPress Publ., 4th Ed., Athens, 2005; Chapter 7:147-174 
  • Chemistry of tooth bleaching. Antoniadou M. In “Tooth bleaching” G. Douvitsas, CH. Paximada, M. Antoniadou, OmniPress Publ., 4th Ed., Athens, 2008; Chapter 7:105-113
  • Tooth bleaching units. Antoniadou M. In “Tooth bleaching” G. Douvitsas, C. Paximada, M. Antoniadou, OmniPress Publ., 4th Ed., Athens, 2008; Chapter 8:116-153 
  • Conservative restorations. Clinical guide of Operative Dentistry. From diagnosis to treatment. (Participation). Kakaboura A, Vougiouklakis G. Athens, Pascalidis PC, 2010.
  • Basic Principles of Operative Dentistry. (Participation). Kakaboura A, Vougiouklakis G. Athens, Pascalidis PC-Broken Hill Publishers Ltd., 2012.

Selected publications in Greek scientific journals

  • The determination differentiation and migration of neural crest cells. Αntoniadou M, Soloukidou E. (Greek). Orthodontic Review 1996;8(1):11-17.
  • The partial denture design for the periodontally compromised patient. Κoutayas SO, Κokkinis I, Αntoniadou M, Βlissidis I. (Greek). Odostomatological Progress 1997;51(1): 34-45.
  • Esthetic restoration of fluorosed and tetracycline-stained teeth. Κοutayas SO, Αntoniadou M. (Greek). Odostomatological Progress 1997;51(3):162-178.
  • Design and construction of soft custom trays for home bleaching. Pitsiningos D, Αntoniadou M, Μοuntouris C. (Greek). Hellenic Stomatological Review 1997;41:20-23.
  • Enamel microcracks and reproduction methods. Κoutayas SO, Αntoniadou M, Τzortzopoulou E. (Greek) Hellenic Stomatological Review 1997;42:23-29.
  • Modern technologies of high strength ceramic materials for the construction of all ceramic post and cores. (Part 1). (Greek) Κoutayas SO, Αntoniadou M. Contemporary Dentist 1998;18(3):121-130.
  • Modern technologies of high strength ceramic materials for the construction of all ceramic post and cores. (Part 2). (Greek) Κoutayas SO, Αntoniadou M. Contemporary Dentist 1998;18(4):181-194.
  • Color in Esthetic dentistry. Part 1: color perception, definition, measurement and selection. (Greek) Αntoniadou M, Κoutayas SO. Stoma 1999;27:117-126.
  • Color in Esthetic dentistry. Part 2: optical behavior of natural teeth and restorative materials. (Greek) Αntoniadou M, Κοutayas SO. Stoma 1999;27:127-139.
  • Esthetic diagnostic methodology of the face and the smile. (Greek) Αntoniadou M. Οdostomatological Progress 2001;55(1):87-99.
  • Medical applications of polymeric materials. (Greek) Αntoniadou M. Odostomatological Progress 2005;59(3):5405-426.
  • In-vitro characterization of resin-based sealants. (Greek) Αntoniadou M, Κakaboura A, Eliades G. Hellenic Stomatological Review 2008;52:15-24.
  • Tooth-bleaching lamps for the dental practice. Categories, use and effectiveness. (Greek) Antoniadou M, Douvitsas G. Hellenic Stomatological Review 2009;53:47-58.
  • The use of ozon in Operative dentistry. A review. (Greek). Spagopoulos D, Tsiouri E, Antoniadou M. Hellenic Stomatological Review 2011;55:259-267.
  • Preventive and minimal restorations in posterior teeth. (Greek). Antoniadou M. Οdostomatological Progress 2012;64(3):394-401.
  • Materials and techniques for retraction of periodontal and periimplant tissues. A bibliographic review. (English/Greek). Κatsarou T, Tsiouri E, Spagopoulos D, Antoniadou M. Hellenic Stomatological Review 2012;56:135-158.
  • Tooth bleaching in children and adolescents. (Greek) Αntoniadou M, Τsiouri E, Spagopoulos D. Paidodontia 2012;26(1):5-21.
  • Ηydrogen peroxide as a tooth bleaching product. Effect on the human body and the intraoral soft tissues. (Greek). Antoniadou M, Tsiouri E, Spagopoulos D. Odostomatological Progress 2013;67(1):14-27.
  • Ηydrogen peroxide as a tooth bleaching product. Effect on dental hard tissues and restorative materials. (Greek) Antoniadou M, Tsiouri E, Spagopoulos D. Odostomatological Progress 2014;68(1):86-98.
  • Μinimal treatment of an extended crown fracture of an upper incisor with a bonded ceramic restoration. A 5-years' follow-up case. (English/Greek). Αntoniadou M, Aivaliotis S. Hellenic Stomatological Review 2012;56:282-297.
  • Anterior upper teeth direct esthetic bonding in a class II bite case. (English/Greek). Tsiouri E, Spagopoulos D, Antoniadou M. Hellenic Stomatological Review 2013;57:79-90.
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  • Polymeric onlays. A restorative solution with perspective. Clinical and laboratory procedures. (English/Greek). Petraki V, Antoniadou M, Koniaris A, Sakellaropoulos O, Aivaliotis S. Hellenic Stomatological Review 2013;57(3):195-218.
  • Crown discoloration of endodontically treated teeth. Causes, treatment and complications. (English/Greek). Sotiropoulos G, Farmakis ET, Naiske K, Antoniadou M. Hellenic Stomatological Review 2013;57(3):219-250.
  • The saliva as caries’s control parameter in third age patients. (Greek) Κapsalas A, Kitopoulou A, Αntoniadou M. Hellenic Hospital Dentistry 2013;6:21-30.
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  • Repair of conservative restorations. Part B'. Protocols on resin repair. A bibliographic review (Greek). Antoniadou M, Spagopoulos D, Lagouvardos P. Paidodontia 2014;28(3):103-117.

Publications in international scientific journals

  • Bonding durability of a new metal primer. (English) Antoniadou M, Kern M, Strub J.R. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 2000;84(5):554-560. 
  • Dental services in the Polyclinic of the Olympic Village during the Athens 2004 Olympic and Paraolympic Games. (English) Vougiouklakis G., Tzoutzas J, Farmakis E-T, Antoniadou M, Mitsea A. International Journal of Sports Medicine 2008;29:1-7. 
  • External cervical root resorption following bleaching. Literature review. Follow up case at 14 years. (English). Antoniadou M, Farmakis ET, Paximada C, Douvitsas G. Εndodonzia 2010;24(3): 208-213. 
  • TVOCs emissions from disinfectants, bonding agents and acrylic substances in a controlled dental office. (English). Halios C, Helmis G, Sgouros G, Tzoutzas J, Antoniadou M, Kostopoulos V. Global NEST Journal 2013;15(2):218-226.
  • Restoration of an endodontically treated molar taurodont. (English) Antoniadou M, Malivitsi CH, Margeti Z, Farmakis ET. Journal of Orofacial Sciences 2015;7(1):1-4.
  • Tooth whitening efficacy of self-directed whitening agents vs 10% carbamide peroxide: a randomized clinical study. (English). Αntoniadou M, Koniaris A, Margaritis V, Kakaboura A. Journal of Dental Oral and Craniofacial Research 2015;1(2):31-35 (doi 10.15761/ DOCR.1000107).
  • Masking with color modifiers before direct composite veneering. (English). Vjero O, Spaveras A, Anagnostou M, Αntoniadou M. Journal of Dental Oral Disorders and Therapy 2015;3(2):1-8.

Voluntary Dental activities

  • 1995: Voluntary clinical assistance (dental support on immigrants) in the dental office of the “Medecins sans frontiers”.
  • 2004: Voluntary clinical dental assistance in the Polyclinic of the Olympic village during the Olympic and Paraolympic Games of Athens.
  • 2015: Voluntary clinical dental assistance at the UFUFUO hospital, Bokuba, Tanzania with “KEDAS” organization.

Areas of scientific interest

Tooth Whitening, Minimally Invasive Operative Dentistry, Repair of restorations, Glass fibers, Polymeric materials, Education, Teaching techniques for young adults


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