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Andreas Agouropoulos

Assistant Professor

Phone: (+30) 210-746-1333
Email: agourop[at]dent.uoa[dot]gr

Mailing Address:
2 Thivon Str, 115 27, Goudi, Athens, Greece

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Education / Qualifications 

  • 1997, Dental Degree School of Dentistry, NKUA
  • 2003, Certificate in Paediatric Dentistry, School of Dental Medicine, Tufts University, Boston, USA
  • 2012 PhD in Oral Biology, School of Dentistry, NKUA

Academic and professional positions held

  • 2002-2003, Clinical instructor, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dental Medicine, Tufts University, Boston, USA
  • 2003- 2018, Clinical instructor, Department of Paediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, NKUA
  • 2018- today, Assistant Professor, Department of Paediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, NKUA

Academic and professional responsibilities

  • Laboratory, clinical and theoretical education of undergraduate and post graduate students
  • Instructor at the NKUA e-Learning program on “Dental Assisting”
  • Project Leader of two 'Live.Learn.Laugh' programs of the HDA in collaboration with FDI and Unilever


  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the HDA program «Oral health education for 800 all-day-primary schools and 150 schools or remote areas» included in National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) in collaboration with the Ministries of Health and Education.
  • Scientific Coordinator and Project Leader of the BRUSH DAY AND NIGHT program of the HDA and Stomatological Society of Greece in collaboration with FDI and Unilever 
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the program «Oral health promotion and oral health status of the Greek population» by HDA in collaboration with Colgate
  • Member of the Board of the Hellenic Society of Paediatric Dentistry  
  • Member of the Membership Committee of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry (IAPD)
  • Member of the Organizing and Scientific Committee of several national and international congresses and continuing education courses

Awards and Honours

  • "Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Performance", New England Hellenic Medical Dental Society Annual Meeting
  • "Morita Prize" for the best scientific paper submitted to the 22nd Congress of the IAPD
  • "Koulouridis Award" for the year 2014

Selected publications in scientific journals

  • Kavvadia K., Agouropoulos A.,  Gizani S., Papagiannoulis L., Twetman S. «Caries risk profiles in 2-6 year old Greek children using Cariogram» Eur J Dent. 2012;6(4):415-21
  • Agouropoulos A., Twetman S., Pandis N., Kavvadia K., Papagiannoulis L. «Caries-preventive effectiveness of fluoride varnish as adjunct to oral health promotion and supervised tooth brushing in preschool children: a double-blind randomized controlled trial» J Dent. 2014;42(10) :1277-83
  • Liontou V., Agouropoulos A., Gizani S., Papagiannoulis L.  «Knowledge of preschool teachers in the prefecture of Attica of early childhood oral health. Association with their demographic and personal characteristics». European Archives of Paediatric Dentistry. 2016 (2016) 17:467–474
  • Mastora A., Vadiakas G., Agouropoulos A. & Gartagani-Panagiotopoulou P.,  Gemou Engesaeth  V.  «Developmental defects of enamel in first permanent molars associated with use of asthma drugs at preschool age in Greek children. A retrospective case-control study». European Archives of Paediatric Dentistry 2017 Apr;18(2):105-111.
  • Rachiotis Ch., Agouropoulos A. «Mechanism of action of remineralization products with casein (CCP-ACP). Literature review», Paedodontia 2006, 20(4):166-170
  • Zampeli D., Agouropoulos A. «Latex allergy and dental treatment.” Paedodontia 2007, 21(4):155-164
  • Roumani Th., Manigniani M., Agouropoulos Α. «Oral piercing complications» Paedodontia 2008, 22(1):24-31
  • Agouropoulos A., Gizani S., Kavvadia K., Vierrou A, Geki S., Papagiannoulis L. «Caries prevalence and risk factors of preschool children in a low socioeconomic area» Paedodontia 2010, 24(2):53-61
  • Agouropoulos A., Mamali S., Gizani S., Papagiannoulis L.  «Dental caries and obesity in preschool children». Paedodontia, 2010, 24(3):101-110
  • Agouropoulos Α., Papadopoulou R., Gizani S., Kavvadia K., Papagiannoulis – Laskaridis E. «Caries risk assesment in preschool children with and without the use of saliva buffer capacity» Paedodontia, 2011, 24(4): 165-171
  • Roumani Th., Porciani P., Agouropoulos A.«Effectiveness of direct pulp capping with MTA in posterior teeth», Paedodontia, 2011 25(1):6-11
  • Agouropoulos A. «Effectiveness of topical fluorides in dental caries management» Paedodontia, 2011 25(3): 109-119
  • Agouropoulos Α., Vierrou Α. «Prevention and management of topical fluoride undesirable side effects», Paedodontia, 2011, 25(3): 127-132
  • Dalampiras S., Agouropoulos Α., «Case presentation of delayed replantation of an avulsed permanent central incisor. The need to follow the  international protocols» Paedodontia, 2012 26(1): 36-43
  • Agouropoulos Α., Rachiotis Ch., Pappa Ε., Kakampoura Α., Papagiannoulis L.  «Evidence based use of fluorides» Stom. Chron. 2012, 56(1):65-91
  • Agouropoulos Α., Dalampiras S., Mpampatzia Α., Chatziemmanuil Κ., Papagiannoulis L. «Oral health status of preschool children of Thasos», Paedodontia, 2013 27(4): 105-114
  • Agouropoulos A. «Cotemporary technologies for caries management», Paedodontia 2016 30(1): 23-41

Areas of scientific interest

  • Epidemiology and prevention of dental caries in preschool children
  • Contemporary materials for primary teeth restorations
  • Dental management of children with neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Dental trauma

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