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Department of Periodontics

Director: Professor Madianos Phoebus
Secretary: Liana Kotsira
Contact Details: Phone.: (+30) 210-746-1203, Email: liana[at]dent.uoa[dot]gr
Address: 2 Thivon Str, 11527, Goudi, Athens, Greece

General description

The main objective of the Department of Periodontology is to educate the undergraduate dental students in the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, as well as the treatment of any type of lesions of the periodontal tissues providing in each case the appropriate therapy, based on biologic principles that aim in the re-establishment of periodontal health and its long-term maintenance.

In addition, the Department is responsible for the 3-year postgraduate program in clinical specialization in Periodontology, which leads to Masterʼs degree in Periodontology.


The faculty members are engaged in teaching in the undergraduate and postgraduate before mentioned courses and they also teach in courses of other dental postgraduate programs

The faculty members are assisted in their educational activities by postgraduate students, doctoral candidates and specialists (periodontists).

Additionally, the faculty members are involved in the Continuing Education of dentists by participating in various scientific activities of the Dental School and of dental associations and scientific societies.

Educational activities

The Department is responsible for teaching the following courses to the dental students:

  • Periodontology I (5th and 6th semester)
  • Periodontology II (7th 8th 9th and 10th semester)

In postgraduate studies, the Department is responsible for the theoretical, preclinical and clinical training of the postgraduate students in Periodontology.


The Department is engaged in research activities including clinical and laboratory research in the fields of bone biology, microbiology of periodontal diseases, efficacy of new therapeutic techniques and the impact of periodontal disease on general health.

The clinical studies are carried out in the undergraduate and postgraduate clinics of the Dental School in collaboration, when needed, with clinics of Athensʼ Main Hospitals. Laboratory work is conducted in the microbiology laboratory and the cell biology laboratory of the Department of Periodontology.


The secretaryʼs and the facultyʼs offices are located in the 3rd floor of the Old Building of the Dental School. The preclinical practice of the undergraduate students in Periodontology : a) is hosted in the preclinical-exercise Laboratory at the 5th floor of the Old Building, which is equipped with 40 dental units with phantom heads, b) the clinical training of the undergraduate students is incorporated into Total Patient Care Clinic located in the main clinics of the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Old Building, which are equipped with 80 dental units and c) for the education of the postgraduate students the clinic of the 2nd floor of the New Wing of the Dental School is used as well as seminar rooms of that Building.