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Department of Oral Diagnosis & Radiology

Director: Professor Angelopoulos Christos 
Secretary: Chrysoula Dimopoulou
Contact Details: Phone.: (+30) 210-746-1179,  Email: sdimop[at]dent.uoa[dot]gr
Address: 2 Thivon Str, 11527, Goudi, Athens, Greece

General description

The Department of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology belongs to the Section of Oral Pathology and Oral Surgery together with the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the Department of Oral Pathology.

The main objective of the Department is to comprehensively educate the undergraduate dental students in the scientific field of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology, including the diagnostic methodology of the oral and maxillofacial complex diseases, the treatment planning, the implementation - based on the radiation protection principles - of the radiographic and imaging techniques commonly used in dental practice, the evaluation and interpretation of the radiographic findings of these techniques and of the results of the complementary laboratory tests.

In addition, the Department is responsible for the 3-year postgraduate program of the clinical specialization in Oral Diagnosis and Radiology, which leads to Masterʼs degree in Oral Diagnosis and Radiology.

Faculty - Staff

The faculty members are engaged in teaching in the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, as well as in courses of other postgraduate programs. In addition, one faculty member is coordinating an undergraduate selective course (Forensic Dentistry - Professor, Nikopoulou-Karayianni A.)

The faculty members are assisted in their educational activities by postgraduate students, PhD candidates and research assistants. In addition, they are involved in the Continuing Dental Education by participating in relative scientific activities of the Dental School, Dental associations and scientific societies.

Educational activities

In undergraduate studies, the Department has the responsibility of teaching the following courses:

  • Oral Diagnosis and Radiology I (3rd semester), including seminars and laboratory exercises.
  • Oral Diagnosis and Radiology II (7th to 10th semester), including seminars and clinical practice.

In postgraduate level, the Department is responsible for the theoretical, preclinical and clinical training of the postgraduate students in Oral Diagnosis and Radiology.


The Department is focused in the research fields of:

  • Intaoral and extraoral conventional and digital radiography.
  • Digital subtraction radiography.
  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography.
  • Radiation protection - Dosimetry in the head and neck region.
  • Halitosis.
  • Osteoporosis.

The laboratory and clinical research projects are carried out in the facilities of the Clinic of Oral Diagnosis, the X-ray Laboratory and the CBCT section, as well as in collaborating research labs of other University Schools, and National and International Research Institutes.


The secretary and the faculty offices are located in the ground floor of the Main Building of the Dental School. The Departmentʼs educational activities are hosted in the facilities of the Dental School:

a) The clinical practice in Oral Diagnosis of the undergraduate students is hosted in the Clinic of Oral Diagnosis, in the ground floor of the Main Building. The Clinic is equipped with five (5) dental units, intraoral camera and a PC work station offering accessibility to the digital archive of the Dental School patients.

b) The preclinical and clinical practice in Dental Radiology of the undergraduate students is hosted in the X-ray Laboratory, in the ground floor of the Main Building. The Laboratory is equipped with:

  • Four (4) X-ray machines, using conventional films, digital sensors (CCD, CMOS, PSP) as well as image processing procedures.
  • Two (2) X-ray units for conventional panoramic and chephalometric radiography.
  • One (1) X-ray unit for digital panoramic radiography.
  • Three (3) automatic developing units, used for conventional radiography.
  • One (1) Cone Beam Computed Tomographer.

c) The postgraduate educational activities are hosted in the Clinic of Oral Diagnosis, the X-ray Laboratory and the Cone Beam Computed Tomographer facilities, as well as in seminar rooms of the Main Building and the New Wing.