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Department of Oral Biology

Secretary: Evgenia Giannopoulou
Contact Details: (+30) 210-746-1284, Fax (+30) 210-746-1220 E-mail: egiannop[at]dent.uoa[dot]gr
Address: 2 Thivon Str, 11527, Goudi, Athens, Greece

General description

The Department of Oral Biology supports basic and clinical research with emphasis to the biology of the human dentition and the craniofacial region development via a human genome project approach. Providing the educational foundation of basic sciences the department serves to bridge the gap between oral sciences and the clinical practice of Dentistry.


Postgraduate courses:

  • ΒΣ 340-Morphogenesis of the craniofacial complex (coordination- lectures by Assistant Prof H. Vastardis)
  • ΒΣ 341-Dysmorphogenesis and syndromes of the craniofacial complex (coordination- lectures by Assistant Prof H. Vastardis)
  • ΒΣ 304- Head and Neck Anatomy and Physiology (lectures by Assistant Prof H. Vastardis)
  • Oral Biology I (lecture by Assistant Prof H. Vastardis)

Research Activities:

Research activities of the department include the establishment of a Tooth Agenesis Registry and a DNA repository correlating clinical information on diverse sets of dental phenotypes to biological sampling processing (genotyping).

The Registry has been developed under the auspices of an Eea grant entitled “Detection of the genetic base of tooth agenesis in the Greek child population and identification of the correlation between tooth agenesis and colorectal cancer predisposition”. The results have been presented in the first conference (2013) of the Greek Association of the Medical Geneticists (SIGE) and the 2013 World Dental Congress. (Article under preparation.) Tooth agenesis: Is there more than missing teeth? Silvestros S, Vastardis H, Armakolas A, Koutsilieris M. IDJ Special Issue: Abstracts of the 101st FDI Annual World Dental Congress, September 2013, Volume 63, Issue Supplement s1, pg 271.
Background literature
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Another research activity involves correlation of single nucleotide polymorphisms within specific genes to oral diseases.The protocol Study of polymorphisms in cytokine genes and possible association with chronic inflammatory oral diseases is supported by Procter &Gamble.

Another research activity of the Department focuses on the characterization of syndromes of the head and neck region.
Background literature: (Information on syndromic and non syndromic cases of craniosynostosis and deviations of facial and dental morphology)

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